security.manager available in the ArcGIS Marketplace


security.manager available in the ArcGIS Marketplace

The ArcGIS Marketplace is a digital platform from Esri that enables users to search and retrieve software products and professional services based on ArcGIS. In this way, the Marketplace forms a central contact point for obtaining information about services and products relating to Esri technology.



ArcGIS Marketplace


Since this month, security.manager – ArcGIS Edition by con terra is also available on this website. The solution allows ArcGIS Administroators to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive and personal data, and to make these available only to selected users without having to publish data several times. It thus extends the ArcGIS Enterprise security model to meet simple and effective legal requirements on personal data protection, and to reliably protect business-critical information.


By making security.manager available in the ArcGIS Marketplace, users can submit free and non-binding enquiries directly to con terra, and our global partner network, to simply request security.manager – ArcGIS Edition online.



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